Calotren – Not Another Fad


Another diet…another fad…or is it?  With all of the “hype” about weight loss…which direction, which supplement do we choose?  We know about fat burners, fat blockers, appetite suppressants…but collagen protein?  To lose weight?  Yes…collagen protein!

Collagen protein provides many benefits; however, its role in promoting healthy lean muscle and weight loss has been known for over 25 years. Lean muscle is one of the main fat burning areas of the body and collagen protein is necessary to build and maintain lean muscle. As we age, our collagen protein levels begin to deplete; the lean muscle’s fat burning abilities decrease…resulting in weight gain. Taking a supplemental dosage of collagen protein can help build healthier lean muscle; therefore, boosting the body’s metabolism and promoting weight loss.

Research has shown that at least 6-8 hours of sleep is necessary to sustain the body’s metabolism. During the advanced phases of sleep, the body goes into a state of repair — building, nourishing, and healing muscle tissue. Throughout this process the lean muscle breaks down and burns fats and sugars more effectively resulting in desired weight loss. Taking a collagen protein supplement, such as Calotren, prior to this main sleep time allows the collagen protein to be effectively absorbed and available to assist with this natural process.

Your health and wellness begins with the choices you make…everyday.

Remember…it’s your life…your health…live well!


Losing Weight The Natural Way


Imagine, feeling better and losing weight, the safe natural way!  Calotren is the answer.  This health and wellness supplement can provide life changing benefits without the worry of side effects.

Calotren’s key ingredient is collagen protein.  This simple protein supports lean muscle and provides structure to our bodies.  With the aging process our body loses the natural ability to build and store collagen protein; our healthy levels begin to deplete.  This depletion affects lean muscle, joints and cartilage, the entire body and its systems; impacting our overall health as well as weight maintenance.

Lean muscle is vital to our body’s ability to burn fats and calories naturally. As we lose our lean muscle, we also lose our most natural ability to maintain a healthy weight.  When taking a collagen protein supplement, such as Calotren, the lean muscle increases; therefore, the fat burning capacity increases as well.  Comparable to working out or the muscle tone we have naturally during our youth; a collagen protein supplement can support and increase lean muscle.

With no drugs, stimulants or ephedrans, Calotren is the first step to a healthier stronger you!

Choosing a Weight Loss Product

With so many diet plans on the market today, how do you even begin to choose the “right” one?   A busy hectic lifestyle, long hours at work, health issues, taking medications…all factors that play a role in deciding the best and most effective weight loss for your personal needs.  If you are looking for a supplement that can fit into your life…regardless of your medications or your day to day schedule…then check out Calotren. With no drugs or stimulants, Calotren is a great choice for both weight loss and wellness. Taken one time a day, prior to your main sleep time, it can fit easily and SAFELY into any lifestyle.

The “magic” of Calotren are the many benefits received from collagen protein.  When we are younger, our body has the ability to build and store collagen protein.  Unfortunately, as we age, these levels begin to deplete and continue to do so throughout the aging process.  Collagen protein is beneficial to the entire body and all of its systems, including lean muscle.  As one of the major fat burning areas of our body, lean muscle is necessary for healthy natural weight loss and maintenance.  When collagen protein levels are depleted, we begin to lose our lean muscle.  If we do not continue to build and strengthen our lean muscle through exercise, we lose our “built-in” ability to burn fats and sugars efficiently. Collagen protein feeds and supports our lean muscle thus increasing our body’s fat burning capacity.  Calotren can safely and effectively restore and assist the body with maintaining a healthy collagen protein level.

Choosing your weight loss plan does not have to be complicated or difficult.  A plan to lose weight and maintain weight loss has to be realistic and manageable on a day to day basis.  Calotren offers a realistic and simple solution.

Weight & Aging

While losing weight is the goal of many people…as we get older, our reasons for weight loss may change dramatically.

When we are younger how we look is very much a driving force behind our constant search for the perfect weight loss plan; however, as we age, we begin to place more emphasis on the health benefits associated with our weight.  Certainly liking the way we look is important for our confidence but being healthy is vital to how we feel everyday!

Studies show that over sixty percent of Americans are overweight and more than thirty percent are actually considered obese.  The impact to our health is frightening.  The risks of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, certain cancers, back and knee pain are just a few of the health issues directly linked to our weight.  These preventable medical conditions not only affect our energy levels and overall sense of wellness, they can actually take years off our lives.

With age, we become wiser and our awareness of health increases, whether by choice or not.  If we choose to ignore our health, it will get our attention at some point; unfortunately, the damage may be too severe.  The choice to lose weight is one of the most important “life-changing” decisions you will ever make…for yourself and for those in your life.

If you feel you need help with reaching your desired weight, there are many diet and weight loss programs available today.  Choosing a safe, natural and stimulant free health supplement, such as Calotren, can aid in not only your weight loss but your overall wellness.  Whether you make life style changes, participate in a weight loss program or take a supplement, just decide today to take the first step to a healthier and yes, happier, you.  Take control of your health before it takes control of you!

Remember…it’s your life…your health…live well!

Calotren & Collagen

Calotren, an all natural collagen protein supplement that is great for your entire body!  Yes, the entire body!  With no drugs, caffeine or stimulants it is an excellent wellness supplement that can benefit so many areas of our health.

We are born with collagen protein and our body will continue to store it throughout our youth. Unfortunately with the aging process, the collagen protein levels will begin to deplete and our body cannot rebuild them on its own.  As early as our 20’s this depletion begins and will continue throughout our life; affecting our entire body and its systems.  This depletion of collagen protein plays a vital role in our body’s ability to heal and repair the supporting connective tissue found in our bones, joints, tendons and ligaments.

We begin to notice joint pain, stiffness and aches that can become so severe that our life is impacted…everyday!

Calotren can rebuild and restore our collagen protein levels; therefore, promoting flexibility and mobility as well as decreasing joint pain.  Taking this collagen protein supplement can benefit athletes or anyone with an active lifestyle who may suffer from “wear and tear” cartilage damage.  Calotren can speed the healing and recovery process as well as prevent injuries and tears that often accompany damaged ligaments and joints.

Whether as a preventive or nutritional supplement, Calotren is a healthy choice for anyone with any lifestyle.  For more information about Calotren or any of our health supplements please visit

Remember…it’s your life…your health…live well!